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Capitec Bank Swift Code Account, Contact Details & Address

Capitec Bank is a South African retail bank. As of August 2017 the bank was the second largest retail bank in South Africa, based on number of customers, with 120,000 customer opening new accounts per month.

The bank maintains over 800 retail branches nationwide, 3418 own or partnership ATMs, The bank offers its clients the Global One account, which is a transacting/savings account and credit facility rolled into one

Capitec Bank operates as a retail bank that serves both individuals and businesses, but does not provide business banking for close corporations, companies, partnerships or trusts.

It claims to focus on simplifying the banking experience, according to their literature.

The Bank’s business model is focused on providing a value to its customers by providing low costs, giving customers the freedom to pay as they transact, and by offering the highest interest rate on deposits

Capitec Bank South Africa Accounts

With Global One you get a transaction account, 4 free savings plans, personalised credit options and insurance – all in one place.

Use your Capitec debit or credit card to access your accounts, and easily manage your money on our cellphone banking app or Internet banking anywhere 24/7.

The Bank Costs Calculator
How many times do you draw money from your own bank’s ATMs in a month?


Capitec Bank Savings Calculator
Why are you saving?, Either To Buy Something


The Bank credit
get an online estimate
Complete the form and get an instant estimate of the amount you could qualify for. We’ll call you to personalise your offer based on your need and credit pro.

Capitec Bank Loans & It’s Process

Many lenders, such as Capitec, FNB, Standard Bank etc. offer unsecured loans to consumers who have good credit profiles, who they trust to repay them.

If you don’t have any savings, these unsecured loans are a quick financial solution you can use in an emergency.

The biggest advantages of these loans are their speed and convenience. Provided you maintain your excellent credit profile and always make timely repayments, of course.

On the other hand, these loans also have quite a few disadvantages, especially for people struggling financially.

How Capitec Bank loans are approved
Before a credit provider decides to grant you credit (and at what interest rate), they first need to determine if you are a reliable credit client based on your actions and behaviour.

Man sitting in front of his computer at kitchen counter, speaking on his phone holding a credit application document

Credit providers want to be comfortable that the credit they grant will be paid back on time and in full.

Therefore, they conduct a credit risk assessment to evaluate potential borrowers. Download our free Good for Credit booklet for more information.

Your affordability
This is the amount you can afford to repay per month.

How do Capitec Bank credit providers determine your affordability?
Credit providers can see how much you take home every month by looking at your payslip.

If your income varies because of commission or overtime, they calculate an average based on your income over a period, usually between 3 – 6 months.

By looking at your bank statement they determine how much you already owe and if you’ll be able to afford a new loan on top of other financial obligations.

Can you pay back the Capitec Bank full loan amount?
Credit providers look at the money you have left after all deductions and expenses to evaluate how much you can afford to pay on a new loan.

Information on how reliable you were in paying your previous and/or existing loans will also be used to help determine whether you pay your loans on time. To them, this is an indication of how you will repay the new loan.

Your employment
How stable your employment (permanent employment as opposed to being a contract employee) is, will affect the amount of credit you qualify for.

Credit providers (Capitec Bank) will also look at how long you have worked at your current employer and in some cases require proof of employment.

Your credit behavior
This shows the risk you pose to credit providers.

Will you pay your installments?
Your willingness to pay back outstanding credit affects credit providers’ decision to lend you money. By getting your credit profile from the credit bureau, they can see if you have been a good credit client with your other loans.

This will show them how much of a risk you are to them should they give you a loan. The lower the risk you pose, the higher your chances of getting approved for credit.

Do you pay back your credit as agreed?
Credit providers (Capitec Bank) will check your payment history on previous loans to see if you paid your instalments on time, every time.

Only when they are happy that you will pay back the loan as per your agreement, will they make you a credit offer.

Credit providers will review these areas of your financial position before granting credit so they’re comfortable that the money they borrow you will be paid back on time and in full. Save time by reviewing this in advance.

Capitec Bank Head Office Contact Details

Work 1 Quantum Street Quantum House Stellenbosch

Phone: 0860 10 20 43 Personal

Email: clientcare@capitecbank.co.za

Website: http://capitecbank.co.za

Capitec Bank Job Vacancies

Are you energetic and self-motivated with a passion for service? We focus on finding the right people for the right jobs.

Visit careers portal below to find the right one for you.



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