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Global Development Incubator Kenya Contacts & Salaries

Global Development Incubator also known as GDI Kenya supports ideas, organizations, and initiatives that aspire to create large-scale social change.

The organization operates two programs to bring ideas and initiatives to scale: the initiative incubator and the social enterprise accelerator. The initiative incubator supports the development, piloting, and scaling-up of social impact initiatives.

It provides a venue for funders to host new initiatives and to leverage a proven approach to building new multi-stakeholder partnerships and alliances.

Global Development Incubator social enterprise accelerator aims to increase the scale, reach, and impact of social enterprises.

It works with selected social enterprises that have a minimum of three years of operation, an initial demonstration of results, and a management team. Their is headquartered in Washington, Columbia.

GDI Unconventional Approach

GDI is an incubator for transformational development ventures, working to build and scale the next generation of social impact solutions.

Whether these concepts originate from sector experts, or are developed and tested ourselves, we create new approaches to address persistent global issues.

Below are those Approaches used by Global Development Incubator:

Break Silos
They listen closely, interrogate the process, and bridge sectors to arrive at the best solutions to specific problems.

Hold Ourselves Accountable
They work closely with our partners every step of the way and measure our success by the real-world impact we create, not simply the advice we deliver.

Make the Connections
They catalyze potential partnerships and connect opportunities for funders, individuals, and organizations to work together towards common goals.

Think Long Term
They engage and empower organizations and initiatives to stand on their own as influencers in their fields.

Global Development Incubator Careers & Job Vacancies

GDI looks to hire for a variety of roles that are anchored in our core values:

They stand on integrity. We follow our curiosity. They’re doers, not talkers. We embrace risk.

GDI provides team members the platform and creative latitude to truly make an impact in the world. They hire individuals who are committed to a deep social mission, have a track record of turning talk into action, and an entrepreneurial approach to address some of the biggest social issues of our time.

Now hiring at Global Development Incubator and their incubated initiatives

If you have an idea, initiative, or organization that you think could work well with GDI, please contact hello@globaldevincubator.org.


Global Development Incubator Office Address

155 West 23rd Street, Floor Six New York, NY 1001

Washington dc
1401 K Street NW, Suite 900 Washington, DC 20005

Sanlam Tower, 4th Floor Waiyaki Way Nairobi, Kenya


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