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Hudson Park High School Application Forms, Hostel, Fees, Academics, Past Papers, Uniforms & Address

 Hudson Park High School is a co-educational public school in the suburb of Vincent in East London, South Africa.

A small primary school, catering for the Clifton area, was established in 1905 and housed in the St.Alban’s Church hall. In 1912, buildings were erected on the present site and the school began to grow. It became a secondary school in 1959 and was named Clifton Park High School in 1965. It was during this period that the present uniform, badge and school song were established.

In 1978, the Primary Department amalgamated with Hudson Park Primary School and the school changed its name to Hudson Park High School. The Grade 7 class remained with the high school until 1985, at which time it was decided that the growth of the senior school required that Grade 7 should move to join the primary school. In 1991 the school opened its doors to pupils of all races.

1993 saw a new administration and classroom block, as well as new garages, and renovations were made to the entire school. Williams House was renovated to provide a music centre for the school. The extensions were opened in August 1994 by the Minister of Sport, Mr Steve Tshwete.

Hudson Park High School Academic

Our aim is for learners to work productively and to develop their thinking skills and their creativity.

Computer literacy is a vital aspect of all that we do, and we provide the best in educational systems and hardware.

Hudson Park has several Academies for accelerated learning which cater for learners with particular academic aptitude.

Remedial and other support is offered, in areas such as the development of foundational and sensory-motor skills, and trauma management.

Hudson Park High School Uniforms

    HUDSON PARK High School Uniforms
Official Stockists

Hudson Park High School Shop
For your convenience, the full range of new school uniform and sports clothing items may be purchased on our premises. Second hand items are also available.
Strand Outfitters (Oxford Street)

Kingon’s of Cambridge (Queen Street)
Please buy from official stockists only, and please ensure that your child’s clothing and other items are clearly marked.

Proof of attendance at Hudson Park High School must be taken to the suppliers when purchasing uniform items. This could be an original Hudson Park School Report, or an original letter signed by the Headmaster.

Special Request

Kindly assist us in preventing non-Hudsonians from wearing our uniform by selling, or donating, old items to the School Clothing Shop.

School Shop
Opening Hours Of The School Shop

Mondays: 11.30 – 1.00 pm
Wednesdays: 10.15 – 10.45 am (break time only)
Thursdays: 11.30 – 1.00 pm
Our main break falls within these times, to allow learners to purchase goods they need, and our hours are extended at the start of a new year. Please send an e-mail to eduplessis@hphs.co.za for details, or for our current price-list. Send Mail

Hudson Park High School School Fees

The Hudson Family is a close-knit community, in which everything possible is done to ensure the happiness and progress of learners and staff. This objective is unattainable without the necessary finance, and Hudson Park is a ‘proudly fee paying school’. Upon enrolling a learner at Hudson Park, parents are required to commit themselves to the regular payment of school fees.

We thank parents for their compliance.
Amounts Payable

The compulsory annual fee per child is R32,890 payable as follows:

    As one annual payment of R31,245 per child. This option offers a discount of R1,645.
    Termly payments, due and payable on the first day of each term, as follows:
        Terms 1 and 4, R7,475 per child
        Terms 2 and 3, R8,970 per child
    As eleven monthly payments of R2,990 per child, due and payable on the 1st day of each month, from February to December.

Fees may be paid by Debit Order, via EFT, in cash, by Debit Card, or by Credit Card. Cheques are not accepted.

Banking Details
Bank: Nedbank
Branch Code: 198765
Account Number: 1083693743
Reference: Child’s name and surname

Non-Refundable Levies

These are as follows:
    For Grade 8, a textbook levy of R1,400 is payable by 30 November
    For Grades 9 to 12, a textbook levy of R600 is payably before textbooks are handed out.
    For Consumer Studies, Grades 10 to 12, R180 is payable at the beginning of the year, to cover the cost of ingredients.

Optional Extras
Music Fees
R2,915 per year, payable as a lump sum, or as eleven monthly payments from February to December.
Instrument Hire
R2,035 per year, payable as a lump sum, or as eleven monthly payments from February to December.
Locker Hire
R500 per school career


Hudson Park High School Hostels

Hudson Park High School has two hostels, namely Highbury Terrace for girls and Hampton House for boys. We endeavor to provide a happy and caring environment for our boarders, while at the same time ensuring that sound norms and standards of behavior are upheld in the hostels.

Please note that boarding facilities are only available for high school learners. No learners below Grade 8 can be accommodated.

Hudson Park High School Application Forms

    HUDSON PARK High Forms

Forms In Hard Copy
We require all applications for admission to Hudson Park High School to be made in person. For this reason, our forms are available only in hard copy, and we invite parents, or guardians, of prospective pupils to collect them from Reception.

Families resident outside East London may appoint a representative to make application on their behalf.

Hudson Park High School Contact Details & Address

 Our Campuses
Telephone: 043 726 4467
E-mail: office@hpeaglets.co.za

Telephone: 043 727 0432
Fax: 043 726 2821
E-mail: office@hpps.co.za

Telephone: 043 726 3220
Fax: 043 726 2821
E-mail: office@hpps.co.za

Telephone: 043 726 3205
Fax: 043 726 6565
E-mail: office@hphs.co.za

Our Aftercare Facilities

Ms Goodall: 043 727 0805

Ms Tranmere: 043 726 7701

Ms Edwards: 043 726 5663

Ms Coetzee: 043 726 3220



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