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International School of South Africa Physical Address, Contact Details, Boarding, Fees & Calendar

The International School of South Africa is an educational institution which strives to develop to the fullest the potential of each of its members within a multicultural, multi-faith and international environment. The School provides a world class education through an internationally recognised curriculum and highly dedicated, motivated and committed teaching and managerial staff.

The curriculum caters for the holistic development of all of its pupils and emphasises the importance of leading a well-balanced life. Morality, ethics, honesty, respect and accountability are highly cherished.

International School of South Africa Primary Level

– An important balance between academic, cultural, physical and spiritual development

– Small classes

– Enthusiastic, qualified and experienced staff

– High academic standards and a quality education

Junior Primary
The Junior Primary strives to develop our children into life-long learners. A rigorous curriculum focuses on developing a strong academic background, as well as encouraging the children’s curiosity about our world. Learning extends beyond the classroom, with activities like the Science Fair, Entrepreneurs Day and Enviro Club.

We are committed to nurturing both the child’s academic excellence and emotional intelligence, to help them become forward-thinking, problem-solving and confident young people, coupled with a kind and compassionate heart.

Senior Primary Phase
Our Senior Primary Phase starts at Grade 4 and Grade 6 is the exit point. We have two classes per grade with a maximum of 25 children per class. All school subjects prescribed by the Cambridge University Curriculum are included in our academic programme. Added to this, we offer Afrikaans as an additional language and hope to introduce Setswana, the local vernacular, by 2018.

We cater for children aged from 4 years to 6 years. Our programme is a holistic one that aims to develop the whole child, not favouring one part over the other. We are continuously finding innovative ways to incorporate media into their daily lessons bringing aspects of the world to them as never before. Yet, ensuring that we concentrate on the basic skills imperative for formal school. In our Pre-primary we still believe that children learn through Play and that Play is their work. During outdoor Free Play we have water play, sand play, outdoor painting, bats and balls, soccer and skipping to name a few.

International School of South Africa Secondary Level

We provide a holistic and balanced education for every student within a broad and inclusive curriculum (academic, social, spiritual, cultural and sporting); promotes a stimulating and challenging learning environment founded on tolerance, mutual respect, caring relations, moral accountability, personal integrity and professional commitment, and recognise the need to work closely and effectively with all stakeholders.

The following values are at the core of the ethos of the International School of South Africa and these core values are based on the ten principles that all members of ISSA are expected to commit themselves to:

    Respect for all
    Hard Work
    Social Awareness

International School of South Africa Boarding

The School offers excellent boarding accommodation for both Primary and Senior students with well-equipped double studies and single studies for older students. There are nine Boarding Houses. Each of the nine boarding houses has its own recreation room.

There is 24 hour supervision by the caring, experienced staff, that include House-parents, Tutors, Councillors and Medical staff.

The House system is central to the social life of the school, encouraging friendly competition in sports, drama, public speaking, debating, singing, academic challenges, as well as school social events.

All of the 9 hostels have now been completely refurbished and boast modern and comfortable furnishings which are continuously being upgraded.

We aim to provide a social environment which will allow each student to realise his or her full potential as a well-educated, well-balanced member of society, capable of taking a mature approach to life and believing in the principle that what you put into life is what you get out of life. We focus on providing each student with life skills to grow in mind, body and spirit.

Apart from the Boarding Staff, each student has a Register Teacher and a Tutor. This enables the student to have access to three staff members, who will all be responsible for monitoring development, behaviour and progress.

International School of South Africa Contacts & Address

School Location
Cnr. William Dick Avenue and Nelson Mandela Drive,
Mahikeng, North West Province, RSA

School Contact Details
Tel: +27 18 381 1102
Fax: +27 18 381 1187
E-mail: admin@issa.co.za

Tel: +27 18 381 1102
Fax: +27 18 381 1187
E-mail: admin@issa.co.za

Private Bag X 2233
Mafikeng South
2791 Republic of South Africa

Tel: +27 18 381 0330
Fax: +27 18 381 0330
E-mail: issaprimary@issa.co.za

Private Bag X 2233
Mafikeng South
Republic of South Africa



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